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Tested: Hope Vision 4 £299

Hope Vision 4

With few changes from last year’s offering, the Vision 4 continues to push out great performance at a very reasonable price. This time round, you are getting an extra headtorch harness as a bonus — very useful for paddock tinkering or as a general camping light.

The light is powerful, even and very well placed down the trail for fast and technical riding. We particularly like the gradual power drop-off at the edges, rather than a focused cut-off line like that exhibited by the Lupine Tesla.

As usual, we had a minor gripe about the power-up sequence on the unit — it starts at low power and needs three stabs to bring it up to full whack. We’d prefer it to start on full or, better still, remember where you switched it off and start up there. It is also missing a battery-level indicator, which can be a ride saver at times. It is worth noting that we tended to ride on high, rather than max all the time, giving a burn time of nearly 3.5 hours with almost as bright a light.

Mbr rating: 9

Light: Hope Vision 4
Price: £299
Weight: 404g
Burn time on max: 2hrs 32min
960 lumens
Battery type: rubberised hard case with Velcro strap
Brightness settings: 4 + flash
Comes with bar, helmet and headtorch mounts

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