Although not the flagship MTB light in the range, Lumicycle has really upped its game and the Lumicycle Commute S is an excellent all-rounder.

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Lumicycle Commute S light


Lumicycle Commute S light review


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Lumicycle lights have always been amazing value for money, but in terms of the construction and finish they have had a bit of a home-made feel and the new Lumicycle Commute S is still fantastic value, but it now looks super slick with a ribbed aluminium body and green inlays. The light is also offered in the Enduro version with carbon battery case, which looks way better than the regular canvas bag.

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The lamp still uses the old QR clamp, which you can fit to oversize bars by adding a different lower section. The light doesn’t sit over the stem but you can mount it upside down if the bar is particularly congested.

The new battery pack uses a carbon tube with two plastic end caps. These are slotted for the Velcro straps and they do bend onwards to accommodate different tube profiles and diameters. Lumicycle still uses a 90º connector on the cable and, while this is neat, we found it isn’t that tight a connection. We also struggled initially with the Lumicycle Commute S toggle switch system. There are two modes that you access by going up or down and then you flick between those settings. There’s also a Smart Boost setting which ups the output another 500 lumens for about three minutes, which is handy for fire road sections.

The beam pattern and light output is pretty decent considering it is only intended for medium paced off-road use. It’s not quite as bright as the Lupine but you could easily add a helmet light and beat the Wilma R7 on price.

We still don’t think the mode system is that intuitive, but you do get used to it, and while the clamp does need an update you truly do get a lot of light for your money.


Lumen:2000, 1860, 720
Run time:1.5, 2.5 12.75hrs