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Light and Motions Seca 1500


Light and Motion Seca 1500 light review


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This is a lower-powered version of last year’s test- winning Seca 2000. It has an identical lamp unit, married to a lighter three-cell lithium ion battery, and is £100 cheaper.

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The lamp fastens to the handlebars using a simple elastic strap with holes in it. This weighs next to nothing, allows you to direct the beam up and down, and also stretches to fit 35mm-diameter bars. The lamp unit also rotates side to side, which is good for getting the angle right, as it doesn’t mount directly over the stem.

We’ve criticised the cable on the Seca lights in the past for being too long, and it’s no different here. Admittedly, you could wind it round the frame, but that’s messy and takes ages to do — we’d just like to see a shorter cable, or a coiled option.

light in motion seca 1500 2015 on trail

By toggling the on/off button during start-up you can access one of two modes. Cruise mode has high, medium, low and flashing options, whereas Race mode just has high and low. We’d recommend the Race mode for off-road use, as it’s much quicker to swap between the settings.

Although the Light and Motion Seca 1500 comes up a little short on claimed lumens, it doesn’t feel underpowered. With six LEDs and a diffuser at the bottom of the lens, it has the best light spread.

There’s excellent fill-in round the front wheel, plenty of illumination to the sides, and it also reaches pretty far down the trail. This is one of the few lights you could ride on its own, which makes it better value, as there’s no need to splash out on a helmet light.

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Weight:305 grams
Lumens:High - 1,379, Medium - 733, Low - 378
Run time:2, 3, 8 hours