Although you can buy both of these lights separately, we were sent the set, which retails for £159.99. In the box you get a 1,100 lumen bar light and 800 lumen head lamp.

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Cateye AMPP1100/AMPP800 light set


Cateye AMPP1100/AMPP800 light set review


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Both lamps are standalone units and run off integrated Li-Ion batteries, which can be charged via the Micro USB cable included in the box. The 800 light comes with a Velcro strap and positional mount with a curved base, the 1100 has an adjustable plastic band clamp. This is similar to a hose clamp used by plumbers and easily expands to accommodate different bar diameters. Our only gripe is the rubber grommet on the inside of the band does fall out quite often – Cateye should glue it in place, although there’s nothing stopping you doing that.

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As the name suggests, the AMPP800 puts out 800 lumens and has a spot beam with a narrow focus, making it perfect for picking out details or fast-approaching corners. The bar light also gets a spot beam, and while we’d normally decry the lack of spread for a light with only 1,100 lumens, it does light up the trail pretty, albeit in a smaller area. The light is a blue/white, so everything looks sharp and crisp and the pool of light is very even.

Both lights feature five modes – high, medium, low, long flash and short flash, and while they turn on in the bright setting, neither is programable, so you will have to cycle through all the modes to get back to high beam. This is more of a pain on the helmet light, since the button is tiny and hard to find with gloves on.

These niggles aside this is a great starter light set, especially if you’re going out in a group with other riders and can benefit from their output.


Weight:222g (AMPP1100), 118g (AMPP800)
Lumen:1,100, 800, 400 (AMPP1100), 800 (AMPP800)
Run time:1.5, 2, 4.5hrs (AMPP1100) 2, 3.5, 10hrs (AMPP800)