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Leatt DBX 4.0 UltraWeld jersey


  • Light and unobtrusive
  • Maximum airflow for hot rides
  • Hidden pocket for valuables


  • Light coloured fabrics holds stains
  • Mesh fabric snags easily


Leatt DBX 4.0 UltraWeld jersey review


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Leatt produces two distinctive jerseys, both with a decidedly gravity-based slant. The DBX 4.0 UltraWeld we have here is the stripped back, lightweight version aimed at warmer weather riding. For all other conditions Leatt produce the windproof/water repellent DBX 5.0.

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Warm weather comfort

Instantly it is noticeable how light the DBX 4.0 is, even when compared to other similar summer jerseys. This is made possible by the use of a four-way stretch mesh for the main fabric. This has a more open weave to allow greater airflow, the downside of which is obviously this is not a jersey for cooler conditions. For wearing over body armour or in the heat it proves to be as unobtrusive as it’s possible to be. Even the bulkiest of pads can be worn underneath the nicely stretchy fabric. If minimal is your thing, fortunately it doesn’t make you look like WeightWatchers’ biggest loser wearing their ‘before’ clothes.

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Leatt uses minimal stitching on the DBX 4.0, preferring to use welded seams (effectively melting the panels together) for most areas, only reliant on stitching at high stress points. This provides more uniform stretch to the jersey and minimises the weak points that stitching can sometimes create. This is also represented at the dropped hem and cuffs.

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The right features

Leatt has also adorned the DBX 4.0 with a few well thought out features. The elbows have patches of brush guard (a thin, stretchy abrasion resistant material) to extend the life of the jersey. You can also find a hidden zippered pocket and goggle/glasses wipe at the back. And if the dropped tail isn’t long enough, there is a little tab of silicon gripper on the inside to keep the jersey in place.

The DBX 4.0 is incredibly comfortable for riding in. Despite initial reservations that one good crash could write off the flimsy material it has held up really well to abuse. You do need to watch out around brambles as the material does snag relatively easily – and in the blue/white version we have, the white sleeves have been prone to staining.


Colours:Fuel/white, Orange/teal, Black/grey