A subtle number from Fox Clothing that offered only average comfort.

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Fox Racing Defend Fox Head LS jersey


  • Decent stretch. Some moisture protection.


  • Few loose threads on our sample. Slightly annoying fit, with seams can be felt when worn.


Fox Racing Defend Fox Head LS jersey review


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Fox Racing has such a vast array of jerseys in its range that it’s hard to know where to start when choosing one. Obviously you want the best mountain bike jersey you can get, and in terms of price, construction and fabric, the sturdy Defend range sits mid-pack, between the high end, lightweight Flexair and versatile entry-level Ranger.

This Defend Fox Head LS jersey comes in a good range of sizes and three different colours.

Constructed from something called TruDri fabric, which uses 100% polyester, the Defend still boasts a generous four-way stretch from the honeycomb pattern. Our medium sample was much tighter in the arms than the torso, and the multi-panel design does mean that there’s stitching in annoying places, such as the forearms and biceps. Despite being flatlock, they were scratchier than we’d like. The arms are long enough that the cuffs don’t ride up when you’re in a riding position, and Fox has included a drop tail to help keep splashes off your lower back. Overall, the cut is far from being baggy, but not as tight as race clothing.

Wicking was good considering the extra weight and thicker fabric, and water did bead momentarily on the surface before wetting out, which means it’ll help keep you drier if you  encounter a mid-ride shower. While we didn’t suffer any rips or tears riding through summer undergrowth, we did spot a few loose threads that could become an issue down the line.

One point worth raising is that the Defend is line dry only. We chucked it in the tumble dryer with no ill effects, but we can’t vouch for any long term problems.


We actually like a long sleeve jersey in the summer to protect from ferns and stingers, and the Fox Defend is a decent option that does a good job of stopping scratches and keeping you cool. 


Colours:Blue, black, plum
Women’s version:Yes