The Fox Racing Hip Pack has two litres of internal storage and ticks all the boxes when it comes to carrying gear

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Fox Hip Pack 


  • Great fit and stability, good storage organisation, good price


  • Waist strap could be broader


Fox Hip Pack review


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After ditching bulky backpacks a decade ago, I’ve tried MTB bum bags (more commonly labelled hip packs these days) from all the leading brands. This Fox Racing version has two litres of internal storage and ticks all the boxes when it comes to carrying gear at the waist versus the back; it doesn’t swing about behind you or put any extra strain on the shoulders, and hidden behind the waist, it’s less likely to snag on vegetation when riding.

The popularity of hip packs means there are a ton of rival products on the market to compare it to, but not all these get it as right as Fox has here in terms of fit and stability. And, when it comes to hip packs, my view is, however good the storage layout is, any product is only of any use if it’s rock-solid and stable enough not to flinch even when fully loaded.

Key to achieving this here is a robust waist strap (that’s not the widest, but it’s broad enough), large sturdy clasp that’s offset to the left and waist wings that hold the cargo firm to the body. Unlike some rivals with ‘comfort-designed’ elastic tabs between the bag and the waist belt, Fox’s pack sits close on the waist and tight to the body so it totally resists any twisting or peeling off the lower back under the weight of the contents. The fabrics used on the body side are nicely padded and have wicking properties too, so they don’t get excessively clammy and sweaty either.

The storage and organisation are well thought out too, with a useful main compartment that is not excessively divided up, so it can hold bigger items like a packed jacket or even sandwiches, two water bottle holsters on each flank and enough stashes and pockets to keep tools, tubes and potentially grubby gubbins separate from cleaner/drier items like phones or food.


Overall, Fox’s hip pack is a totally sorted waist pack with good quality materials and the right shape to sit against the body well for a decent price.


Colours:Black, Teal