The brand new Trigger helmet from iXS is one of a new generation of super lightweight, fully DH-certified full face lids.

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IXS Trigger FF helmet


IXS Trigger FF helmet review


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The brand new Trigger helmet from iXS is one of a new generation of super lightweight, fully DH-certified full face lids.

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The stealthy angular design is a fixed structure, so you can’t take the chinbar off, but this ensures it tips the scales at a featherweight 680g, even in the biggest size offered, and with the shell fully wrapped for durability.

The Trigger achieves this in part by a proprietary, patent-pending, ‘X-Frame’ construction inside the chinbar. It’s essentially an internal roll-cage webbing moulded inside the EPS that reinforces crucial joints in the shell and a structural part of the lid. This extends backwards from the front to just over the ears, and also enables massive vents to be shaped into the chinguard for extra airflow and cooling.

Another reason for the aggressive weight saving is a more basic offer in terms of protection. There’s no rotational protection like MIPS or other own-brand alternatives. iXS relies on the more traditional in-moulded construction whereby expanded polystyrene is fused to a harder outer shell. It must be effective though, as the lid has passed extensive DH testing for impact resistance, fixing and security.

Ventilation here is ridiculously good, to the point the Trigger is actually cooler than plenty open face lids, and can even feel too chilly on long rides in wintry weather. This is a good problem to have, however, seeing as you can always make yourself warmer. Such cooling and airiness is without scrimping on comfort either, as internal padding is well positioned and super cushy against your head. Unobtrusive cheek pads come in two sizes, but can come off too easily as the little ‘popper’ fixing method isn’t the most secure.

IXS’ rotating rear dial is easy to tune and covers a wide range without putting any pressure or snag points on the skull – a trait that’s very useful considering the Swiss brand doesn’t offer as many size options as rivals. If you have a small or big head you’re sorted, but we had to go for a M/L unit, despite being on the cusp of both measurements.

If iXS’ skimpy sizing options do suit your head perfectly, this is a really un-obtrusive full face. It’s super-lightweight and feels almost invisible on your head while riding, and, once cinched tight (even at the bottom of the size range), there’s no weight swinging around or excessive looseness. Vision is excellent both forwards and peripheral, and it plays nicely with goggles.


Sizes:S/M, M/L (tested)
Colours:4 colours