"My definitive summer trail lid". Reader review by Alexander Perry.

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Fox Metah helmet


Fox Metah helmet review


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The Fox Metah has lower coverage on the back of the head combined with 10 Big Bore vents which provide greater ventilation and reduces the weight.

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Reader review by Alexander Perry | Trail riding & enduro
Instagram: @ajperryuk

What sort of riding does this helmet work best in? XC racing, trail riding, enduro, downhill etc.

I’ve ridden this for everything from chilled beach rides, to xc and trail and also at bikeparks.

How is the padding? Is it adjustable? Does it come with spare pads?

The standard padding that came with it has been fine, great fitting and fully removable and washable. It does come with spare larger pads if required.

How well does the venting perform?

Excellent. This is by far the most vented helmet I’ve ridden. My definite summer trail lid.

Aesthetics. Does the helmet look good or goofy?

Going back to the peak or beak question. I like it personally. For looks alone I love the colours it comes in, both lairy and stealth. In terms of its looks, well it looks I guess different to a lot of other helmets out there. It comes down to personal preference really and when you get your mates having a dig about whether you look like Donald Duck or not, you also get others complimenting and asking questions.

How comfortable and secure is the retention device?

Fox sizing is as great as ever. The spin lock at the back both tightens in a way that it doesn’t pinch but is also adjustable vertically.

Tell us about the features. Is the peak a suitable length? Is it adjustable or fixed? Does the helmet accept goggle straps? Is it a MIPS helmet or offer similar rotational protection?

The peak, as mentioned, is a debatable subject. Personally I like it, it gives great cover from rain or sun glare but without infringing on the peripheral commodity. I regularly wear goggles or my shades with this helmet and both fit perfectly well, the goggle strap also fits nicely around the upper back vents but doesn’t weirdly restrict any flow. It isn’t MIPS or has any rotational device.

How is the sizing of the helmet – ie. round heads, square heads, tall heads etc.

After trying a few different brands I really was impressed with the Fox shape and level of long-term comfort it gives. When when you wear a helmet you want it to feel like, well… nothing! You want to have something that feels effortless and not really there and that is what the Metah.

Durability. How well has the helmet stood up to use?

Cliché alert! Bombproof. The Metah isn’t feature packed but I’m choosing to write about it anyway which to me says that it’s my go-to helmet. It just does what it needs to do without any fuss. I’ve dropped it from my car roof a few times and I’ve had close brushes of love from oak and pine trees but it hasn’t deformed one bit and I feel just as confident in it now after a year as the day I picked it up.

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It is a well thought out helmet. It fits like a glove, if a glove were made to feel like it was part of you. Colourways are on-point and the airflow is epic, I genuinely mean epic; riding in Afan a few weeks back I was baking up and started to descend and it doesn't just put a bit of air around your head, it actually feels like someone's put the Aircon on. Overall a great helmet and other brands will have to go some way above to make me divert to their pots. Rating: 9/10


Features:Varizorb helmet lining material Single hand dial actuated retention system 10 Big Bore vents: 3 massive intake ducts, 7 additional oversized vents Premium removable liner designed with sealed edges Lower protection coverage on the back of the head Y-strap anchor system