"Absolutely brilliant, can't fault it". Reader review by Fred T.

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Bell Super 2R helmet


Bell Super 2R helmet review


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With its removable chin-bar, the Bell Super 2R is two helmets in one. Remove and stow the chin-bar in your pack or on your rack on long climbs.

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Reader review by Fred T | Bit-of-everything rider

What sort of riding does this helmet work best in? XC racing, trail riding, enduro, downhill etc.

I think if you were only riding downhill, a normal full face would be better, but for everything from light trail to full on enduro it works great. It’s ventilated enough for long climbs but safe enough to give confidence on the descents. Clearly, it’s a bit extreme for XC, but I’m sure it would still work.

How is the padding? Is it adjustable? Does it come with spare pads?

The padding’s great. It’s really thin, so it doesn’t get too sweaty but it’s also a really good fit. I was able to remove all the pads and put them through the wash.

How well does the venting perform?

Perfectly. One review I read said in winter you wish it was a bit less ventilated! I haven’t had that problem though, so far it’s been great. My old helmet (which had next to no coverage) was really sweaty, but this, despite the fact that it’s full face, is still way better.

Aesthetics. Does the helmet look good or goofy?

Looks great, and in the ‘infra red’ colour it matches my hair 🙂

How comfortable and secure is the retention device?

Very comfortable. I wear it fairly loose, as the helmet holds itself on my head fairly well.

Tell us about the features. Is the peak a suitable length? Is it adjustable or fixed? Does the helmet accept goggle straps? Is it a MIPS helmet or offer similar rotational protection?

This particular helmet isn’t MIPS, but you can get a MIPS version. Works great with goggles or glasses, peak is a good length and when you lift it all the way up there is enough space under it to perch your goggles. The chin guard sets quite far from your mouth, so it’s easy to drink with it on, just by tilting the helmet back slightly. It doesn’t amplify the sound of your breathing, which some full face ones do (for me anyway). Overall, no complaints.

How is the sizing of the helmet – ie round heads, square heads, tall heads etc.

I’ve got a fairly round head, and it fits me fine.

Durability. How well has the helmet stood up to use?

Well… I’m typing this with a broken leg after coming off the back of my bike two weeks ago. I landed hard on my ankle, immediately followed by the back of my head. I told the doctors that when I got to the hospital and they did all sorts of checks and finally declared that my head was absolutely fine. That, combined with the fact that it’s now only got a slight scuff on the back, is enough to justify my 10/10 review.

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Absolutely brilliant, can't fault it. Some people might spend ages deciding on some irrelevant little feature but the crash has made me realise that safety is what matters. And this helmet is as safe as they come. Rating: 10/10


Features:Adjustable Visor Breakaway Screws GoggleGuide In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount Overbrow Ventilation TAG™ Fit System Wraparound Chin-bar X-Static Padding Weight: 694g Vents: 23 helmet, 4 brow ports, 6 chin-bar Certification: CE EN1078 CPSC Bicycle