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Race Face Ride Flat


  • Look way more expensive than they are.
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Race Face Ride Flat handlebar review


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The Race Face Ride Flat bar is a classy looking bar. It weighs 228g, which some weight weenies baulk at but it costs less than thirty quid!

In the world of mountain biking handlebars, wider is often touted as better. But in some arenas a narrower bar is still the preferred choice.

Take your average cross country race bike for example; here it seems that a narrower bar holds sway. Say something like this Race Face Ride Flat at 710mm in width, seems to be the standard modern choice.

Look at Nino Schurter, multiple world XC champion and Olympic champion. Arguably as fast and technically skilled as many Downhill World Cup racers, yet he still chooses to ride a narrow bar.

Why? Because he feels that a narrow bar creates a faster handling bike ideal for tight, technical singletrack. It also arguably places the rider’s body into a more biomechanically and aerodynamically efficient position, which is more important than more stable handling at warp speeds downhill (descending speeds tend to be lower in XC races). XC races are not won on descents.

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Race Face Ride fLAT

8 degree back sweep puts the controls at the right position for your hands.

Race Face Ride Flat – buzzkiller?

Not only does the width of this bar create a suitable XC cockpit, but the flat shape works to keep the weight low over the front wheel for better climbing stability.

A healthy eight degrees of backsweep also keep the wrists in a comfortable, neutral position, perfect for long efforts in the saddle.

It isn’t the most forgiving of handlebars though. Its simple construction and shorter width mean it suffers from a little more trail vibration than some more technically superior bars. If you are looking at a tad more comfort, you might want to consider the carbon Race Face Next bar.

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Race Face Ride Flat

Neat Race Face graphics (including stem line-up markings).

How much?!

The finish to the Ride Flat bar is a classy anodised satin black with crisp white Race Face logos. Whilst it obviously matches the rest of the Ride range it equally looks good as a stand alone component.

It does weigh 228g, which some weight weenies might baulk at when considering for a super light XC build.

But did we tell you the best bit? The Ride Flat costs less than thirty quid!


Great looks and a bargain price. The Race Face Ride Flat should definitely be a handlebar of choice for the price conscious cross country rider.