Wild men and women

One minute and forty eight seconds of Downhill World Cup highlights, roughest bits and wild moments.

Watch this excellent clip comp from Red Bull and prepare to be both amped and stoked.

The year isn’t even over yet and this video has already got us fired up for the start of the 2017 season. A season that could potentially mark the start of a new era. Old names have gone. New names are stepping up. Familiar names are upping their game even further.

We can’t wait.

Video description

Red Bull: “Every year we get bombarded with incredible moving and still images from the UCI DH World Cup as the world’s fastest bike riders battle it out around the globe. From French-speaking Canada to the tropical rainforest of Cairns, Australia, there’s no let up in pace from start to finish.

“Now the time has come to unleash the full force of some of the year’s very best action in our annual homage montage to the wildmen… and women.

“But what will next year bring? Well, a whole lot more of the above, that’s pretty much guaranteed. However, there’s still a lot of moving and shaking to go in the off-season.”