We totally believe the vertical compliance figures, less convinced on the increase in steering response

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One Up Carbon handlebar


  • Super comfortable. Reduces fatigue.


  • Slight trade-off in steering precision.


OneUp 35mm Carbon handlebar review


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Tested against other carbon and foam-filled aluminium bars, One Up claims this bar offers a 21% increase in vertical compliance and a 28% increase in steering stiffness. Which should make it one of the best handlebars on the market.

I tested the One Up EDC stem and tool system a few months ago but also included in the package was a new carbon handlebar. On paper it has pretty standard numbers with eight degrees of back sweep, five degrees of up sweep and a 800mm width, but if you look close you’ll see the 35mm centre section transitions to a flattened, oval shape and then tapers to a standard 22.2mm at the controls. This profile is actually patented and the idea is it combines the best ride characteristics of 31.8 and 35mm, into a single package.

I can totally believe the vertical compliance figures because you can literally flex this bar by just putting your body weight through it. On the trail it feels compliant and does dampen a lot of the chatter you experience in rocky sections.

I’m less convinced on the increase in steering response though. One Up has increased the stiffness in this fore/aft plane using the unique shape but the Renthal carbon bar this replaced, felt much more responsive when powering out of the saddle up the climbs or when picking a route through slow tight sections.

Do I prefer one over another? That’s hard to say because steering response isn’t just the result of one component – it’s the whole package.


If you're after the ultimate in comfort, and isolation from jarring, flinching hits, then the OneUp Carbon handlebar is a revelation. It genuinely reduces front end deflections. But, there is a slight loss of steering precision that comes from the bar's ability to flex, which may bother bigger, heavier, more aggressive riders.


Rise:20 and 35mm