Gusset’s latest entry to the grip category is the S2 Extra Soft. It's one of the new breed with multiple textures to optimise traction and comfort in different riding conditions.

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Score 9

Gusset S2 Extra Soft Grips


  • Multiple colour options. Well designed surface textures. Keenly priced for a quality grip


  • Not the most cushioned grip


Gusset S2 Extra Soft grip review


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Over the last few years mtb grips have become multi-textured, with numerous grip zones, traction ridges, dimples and knurling. They’re multi-textured to maximise grip with different parts of your hand, but also because your grip
changes constantly when riding.

Gusset’s new S2 Extra Soft is one of these new tech-heavy grips. It features a different-size diamond knurling top and bottom, a ribbed underside with thin flanges for finger grip, and a dedicated slatted finger/thumb grip area close to the collar, which is very reminiscent of DMR’s DeathGrip.

To increase traction in wet or sweaty conditions, the S2 also uses an extra-soft rubber compound. Compared to Renthal’s Ultra Tacky grip, which I’ve tested previously, it doesn’t feel quite as sticky, but it hasn’t cut up as badly in the time I’ve had it either. The S2 grip has a single inner locking collar, which I wouldn’t say is any less secure than Renthal’s double-collar design, and the S2 is more comfortable if you ride with your hands over the end of the bar. The other good thing about single-clamp grips is they use bigger 3mm fasteners, which are less likely to round out.

At £10 cheaper than the Renthal, the S2 is better value and it also comes in four other colour options to complement your bike or kit; the Renthal is just offered in black. The S2 doesn’t quite have enough cushioning for my liking though. It gets an eccentric core, so there is more rubber on the topside under your palm but the grip feels a bit wooden compared to the Renthal or my current favourite grip, the Burgtec Bartender Pro.


The Gusset S2 Extra Soft isn't perfect, however for a grip with this much design and detail, multiple colour options and a soft compound, it’s an absolute bargain at £19.


Weight :75g
Colours:Black, blue, orange, red, yellow