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I really like create-your-own pizza and I think Brendan Fairclough probably does as well if his signature Deathgrip is anything to go by. It’s like a checklist of all his favourite grip patterns all rolled into one tidy package. We’ve got a ribbed/mushroom section at the inboard end creating a slightly larger diameter to ensure comfort and reassurance for your thumb and forefinger. The rest then features a diamond knurl wrapping around the whole grip with a waffle section aimed at giving your fingers a nice place to rest and grip. I love a good bit of flange but if you don’t, the Deathgrip is available in a flangeless version.

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DMR is also using an eccentric design, which means there is more rubber underneath your palm than your fingers. This offset design helps take the sting out of impacts but does mean you’ll need to spend a bit of time tweaking the position so that the waffle portion of the grip and thicker rubber sits in the right place, I chose to have just the tips of my fingers reaching the waffle.

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And boy does this grip work! You instantly feel more in control and confident on the bike. Even in heavy rain the ribbed section manages to squeeze out the water and enables the strongest part of your hand to keep clinging on. If that’s not enough, the Deathgrip is also available in a super sticky Race Edition compound as well as two different diameters to suit almost every riders needs.


Options:Thick or thin diameter. Flanged or flangless. Firm, soft or Race Edition compounds
Colours:Black, Camo, Tango, Red, Fluro Yellow, Blue
Diameter:Thick -32mm (maximum), Thin – 30.5mm (maximum)
Length:133mm total, 118mm grip
Weight:117g (thick), 101g (thin)