"Expensive, but you pays your money for the best". Reader review by Rich Peacock.

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Garmin Edge 1030 GPS


Garmin Edge 1030 GPS review


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Garmin Edge 1030 features Trendline popularity routing which combines billions of miles of rider data to give you info on the best on- and off-road routes.

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Garmin Edge 1030 GPS review

Reader review by Rich Peacock
Twitter: @Yorkshiregoblin

Is it a GPS logger or a navigational GPS?

Navigational GPS.

How fast does it start-up and find signal?

I fires up after a few seconds and usually finds a signal within a minute.

Tell us about the mounting options

There’s two supplied with the unit, one which mounts directly to the handle bar with different sized rubber bands an the other which is clamped to the handle bar allowing the garmin to sit beyond the bar, which is my preferred one.

Any mapping included? Is it any good?

It’s got UK maps and because the screen is large, it’s easy to scale the map to make navigating easier.

On-the-fly navigation. Is it turn-by-turn? Basic bread-crumb following?

You can see the route unfold onscreen and it bleeps to tell you there’s a turn coming up

Is it easy to operate, especially on-the-fly?

It all makes sense to operate it after you’ve either saved a ride or downloaded one. It works most of the time with gloves on, but better without.

garmin edge 1030

Tell us about the screen. Is it touchscreen or physical buttons? How is it in bright light, and low light?

It’s a touchscreen and has physical buttons for power on, pausing and laps. It’s easily readable in bright sunlight.

How easy is it to get a route in it? Uploading a pre-designed route from a computer, and also plotting/amending a route with the device itself.

It’s easy… after watching a YouTube video!

Does it play nicely with other apps (Strava etc)?

I’ve got Strava linked in easy enough as it guides you through it.

Is there any software provided and/or online service? Is it any good?

When you first plug it into a PC it downloads any updates and you can download widgets from the Garmin site.

Connectivity to other devices (smartphone, HRM, power meter etc)

There’s a whole selection of devices it’ll connect to.

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It has a big screen, great connectivity, it’s future proof and the battery lasts for ages! The downsides, it’s a steep learning curve if your a beginner and it’s very expensive, but you pays your money for the best. Rating: 10/10.


Features:3.5 bike computer Comprehensive navigation, performance and cycling awareness features Trending popularity shows you the best and most popular routes Preloaded Garmin Cycle Map provides turn-by-turn directions Rider to rider messaging Strava Live Segments feature Up to 20hrs battery life
Product data:Bluetooth Enabled: Yes GPS: Yes Barometric Altimeter: Yes Touchscreen: Yes Ant+ Compatible: Yes Touchscreen Compatible: Yes Maps: Yes Turn by Turn Navigation: Yes Strava Compatible: Yes Strava Live Segments: Yes Smart Phone Notifications: Yes Rechargable: Yes Charging Method: USB Road: Yes Commuter: Yes Touring: Yes