Dainese has a long pedigree in protective clothing and body armour. We put this premium priced glove up against former test winners and staff favourites.

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Overall rating:

Score 7

Dainese HGR MTB Glove


  • Thumb and forefinger are touchscreen compatible. Long protective cuff. Easy to take on and off. Plenty of protection


  • A loose fit with bunching of fabric. Hook Button feels like a gimmick


Dainese HGR MTB glove review


Price as reviewed:


The Dainese HGR MTB is the slightly more expensive twin brother of the Fasthouse Speed Style Blaster. It has a similar rip-stop style material across the entire back, but rather than a localised knuckle duster, it has a latticework of interlocking TPR panels to protect you if you get whipped by branches, or end up surfing the trail using your hands as a brake.

On the palm, Dainese uses a lightweight and incredibly breathable polyester, which initially seems incredibly flimsy, but it is coated with a hard-wearing polyurethane on the high-wear areas. The fit is a little loose, and we noticed some bunching when grasping the grip, but the fingers have a nice taper and overall shape. The thumb and forefinger are also touch-screen compatible.

Dainese HGR MTB glove

Dainese’s HGR MTB glove has a usefully high inner cuff, adding further protection

The glove has a really long cuff, which not only keeps out draughts, it’s also unlikely to get pulled up in a crash. It also has a gusseted Velcro closure, which opens fully, and means you don’t have to fight your way into this one. Dainese also includes a Hook Button with this glove that allows you to attach them to a compatible trouser/short. We have Dainese trousers, but this is a total gimmick and something we never used.


While high on protection, Dainese demands a high price for the HGR, and the fit is not quite as snug as the best gloves on test.


Weight:64g (pair)