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Shimano Deore M6000 disc brake


Shimano Deore M6000 disc brake review


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At £75 per wheel (not including rotor and adaptor), Shimano’s M6000 ‘Deore’ brake has long been the people’s choice. And this latest version has the same sleek looks as its more expensive brethren with none of the consistency concerns. The minimal, one-finger lever, gets a slim split clamp and Shimano’s renowned Servo Wave cam that ramps up power the harder you pull. It’s allied to a two-piston caliper with top loading pads to make fitting replacements that much easier. With a solid feel at the lever and plenty of punch at the rotor, this brake really does give top end performance at a bargain price.

Shimano Deore M6000 disc brake keeps bumping up the standard of what a budget stopper can really be, premium performance with a great price.

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Review by Charlie Collins

Shimano’s Deore has been the staple anchor of many bike brands for some time now, where lower spec models still require decent stoppers on a tighter budget. They’re a firm favourite in our camp with a true sense no frills reliability and performance.

Lately it’s undergone surgery and come out looking close to its older brother, the XT. The lever gets a slimmed down split clamp allowing for Shimano’s I-Spec II gear shifter mount, and the reservoir’s now formed in lever body as one component. The caliper’s also been rejigged and is also able to take their finned Ice-Tech pads if you fancy the upgrade.

To save on costs, ordinary resin pads are supplied and these are held in place using a split-pin. Although this makes replacing pads a little more fiddly, it’s still a simple process thanks to the top loading design.

shimano deore m6000 disc

As with almost all the brakes we test, the disc and adapter hardware is sold separately to the brake itself. Although this bumps the price up, you aren’t left with adapters that don’t work with the frame or forks you have, and you can customise the package to suit your requirements.

The high quality that’s been handed down over years of development means there’s no excessive play in the lever and the bite point is right where you want it to be every time. The uncompromised lever feel is light and the Servo Wave mechanism makes easy work of creating a huge amount of manageable power, again similar to the XT.


Weight:Brake 278g, rotor 138g
Rotors:160, 180 and 203mm