Sets a new benchmark for sub-£100 disc brakes

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Shimano Deore M6000 disc brake


Shimano Deore M6000 disc brake


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Shimano Deore M6000 disc brake keeps bumping up the standard of what a budget stopper can really be, premium performance with a great price.

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As with most brakes, the price above is for the base brake and doesn’t include a 180mm disc rotor or adapter, which are going to set you back £29.99 (180mm) and £11.99 respectively. Although this seems like a hidden cost, you aren’t buying parts you don’t need and you can customise your set up.

shimano deore m6000 disc

On most in-line design with the master cylinder sitting parallel to the bar, you can often adjust the reach on the front of the lever and that’s the case here. Like all Shimano brakes, the Deore attaches to the bar using a hinged clamp, which has a built-in security feature. Unfortunately, we broke this the first time we used it but to be honest we’re not big fans of it, it just seems overkill.

To cut costs, the Deore comes with resin pads but they only took two hard stops to bed in and they have a good bite without feeling too grabby. Despite the claim the resin pads are a bit noisy in wet conditions. Also it seems Shimano has finally sorted out that issue with the inconsistent lever travel that plagued its previous models.

The stubby lever isn’t quite as comfortable as the Level and it’s can rattle if you wind the reach all the way in but overall the Deore brake feels way better quality. It doesn’t get close to the Clarks in terms of cost but it’s still a superb brake for the money. Powerful, great modulation and excellent quality; a worthy winner.


Weight:Brake 278g, rotor 138g
Rotors:160, 180 and 203mm