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Hope Tech 3 E4


Hope Tech 3 E4 disc brake review


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At £175 per end, the Hope Tech 3 E4 undercuts quite a few of the top end brakes but you will still need to add £45 for the two-piece floating rotor.

Or £35 stainless steel option and £16 for fork/frame mount.

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There’s a big adjustment range allowing you to set the stroke exactly to your hand size. The lever has a split clamp and Hope offers spare clamps (£15) to attach a Shimano or SRAM shifter.

Hope Tech 3 E4

The Tech 3 E4 is a doddle to set up – it’s precise, easy to align and we also had zero issues with bleeding and shortening the hose. It also bedded in quickly, requiring only a few hard stops to come up to full power.

The Tech 3 E4 does wail a bit in the wet and there’s a bit more flex in the blade than some here but there’s plenty of power on tap. It feels positive and has a light action, allowing you to really manage the power delivery.

To improve grip in the wet, the lever blade is drilled but some testers found the profile uncomfortable. It’s also a short lever so arcs into the handlebar in a tighter radius and we also found this impacted on the position of the shifter; Hope’s matchmaker shifter mount is a must if you’re running SRAM gearing.

Hope’s Tech 3 E4 is not quite as powerful but it has easy access adjustments, it’s also lightweight, precise and simple to work on.


Weight:Brake 255g, rotor 172g
Rotors:160, 180, 183, 200 and 203mm