The Hope Tech 3 E4 was reliable and consistent but lacked power and squealed annoyingly in the wet

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Hope Tech 3 E4


Hope Tech 3 E4 disc brake review


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The Tech 3 lever is an option on all Hope brake systems. It has tool-free reach and bite-point adjustment and the split clamp makes it super-easy to install.

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To reduce handlebar clutter, Shimano I-Spec shifters integrate seamlessly with the lever body, and Hope also offers dedicated lever clamps for mounting SRAM shifters.

Being Hope, the E4 caliper’s being machined from a single piece of aluminium is no surprise. And just like the SRAM Ultimate brake, the pads are top-loading for ease of replacement.

Take a look at Hope’s orange calipers and rotors for 2016

The caliper doesn’t sport any clever heat shields or fancy backing materials on the pads, but we had no issues with heat build-up or inconsistent braking power.

In fact, the opposite was true; the Hope Tech 3 E4 offered the most reliable performance in test, with zero lever pump or brake fade. It isn’t the most powerful, though, and would benefit from a little more progression.

Hope Tech 3 E4 review lever

All of the four-piston brakes in this test squealed when wet, but the Hope brake was by far the loudest. That minor annoyance aside, there’s simply no faulting its consistency; indeed, once we had set the lever reach and bite-point, we never had to fiddle with this brake again.

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Weight:Brake 248 grams, rotor 160 grams
Rotors:160mm, 183mm and 203mm