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Hayes Dominion A4 disc brake


Hayes Dominion A4 disc brake review


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Hayes Dominion A4 is brake with tons of power and modulation. To save you buying stuff you don’t need, it’s also available without rotors and adapters.

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At £44.99 the standard D-Series steel rotor is a bit pricey but it was straight and didn’t show any signs of warping during testing.

The Dominion A4 is a new brake this year so gets a ton of features including a new caliper centring featured called Crosshair, which is essentially two tiny grubscrews that push against the fixing bolts, allowing you to precisely fine-tune the caliper over the rotor. It’s a neat system and definitely eliminates the usual trial and error procedure.

hayes dominion

The Dominion also gets a dialled reach adjustment on the knuckle of the lever, which has a light action and a broad range to accommodate different hand sizes.

There is no bite point adjustment but to be honest we were more than happy with the stock setting. Compared to previous Hayes brakes, which always a bit on/off the Dominion is really well modulated, with a lightweight lever action and a smooth build-up of power. On only really criticism is the lever length – it’s a bit short and if you’re coming off a SRAM brake you will notice the difference. You’ll also need to run the levers further out and for this reason we’d recommend Hayes matchmaker style mount to stop the shifter getting in the way.


Weight:Brake 306g, rotor 188g
Rotor size:180 and 203mm