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Clarks Clout1 disc brake


Clarks Clout1 disc brake review


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Yep, you’re not reading that wrong – the Clarks Clout1 disc brake is indeed £25 per wheel. And that includes a stainless-steel rotor.

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You can choose either rotor size (Clark’s doesn’t charge extra for the larger 180mm), and an adapter. You can also buy this brake as part of a set for £44.99!

clarks clout1

The Clout1 is a twin-piston design and uses a similar lever to the company’s M2 brake. The lever is an in-line design with a blade shape very reminiscent of the old Shimano Deore. It doesn’t have a split clamp, so you’ll need to slip the grip off to fit it, but the clamp is less industrial compared to the SRAM Level and it’s also lighter. It’s not a symmetrical design, so you will need to cut the hose and re-bleed if you want to swap the hoses over, which is something you also have to do with the Shimano Deore.

Clarks only offers a maximum rotor size of 180mm so the power isn’t up there with the Deore but we can’t see any reason why you couldn’t run a third-party 203mm rotor with the Stout1 apart from the fact that the rotor will probably cost you more than the brake.


Weight:Brake 307g, Rotor 190g
Rotor size:160 and 180mm