Old school profile belies a comfy perch

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PRO Turnix Offroad


  • Neutral shape makes it easy to move around


  • Slippery cover material


PRO Turnix Offroad saddle review


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The PRO Turnix Offroad flies in the face of most modern saddle convention, offering a shape some would deem ‘old school’. There’s only the merest hint of a channel and no extreme shape to be seen. But this doesn’t stop it from being a really comfortable saddle. Just like with an iceberg, the magic happens below the surface. Pro use a carbon reinforced base with a large central cut out to encourage the saddle to conform to the body and disperse pressure. On top of that, the rails are suspended within the base itself to create a leaf spring effect; furthering its comfort even more. Pro also offer the Turnix in two different widths to broaden the saddle’s appeal, although be aware that we measured the 142mm model as being closer to 138mm. So if your have a reasonably wide sit-bone measurement it’s important to try it out.

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It’s all in the setup

Setting up the Turnix takes a little longer than some of the other saddles due to the slight raise in the middle section. I settled on the most comfortable position with the nose positioned a little higher than you would expect, this prevented it from feeling like you were continuously sliding forward or off the back. Being quite a neutral shape, the Turnix is an easy saddle to navigate, allowing you to adapt your body position quickly to suit any riding scenario. It does get a little slippery when it’s teeming with rain but when sitting further back the rubberised side panels create a little more grip; reassuring when descending off the back. Pro offer a money back guarantee to help you decide if the Turnix is for you.

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The other little detail we like with PRO saddles is the ability to attach accessories such as a GoPro mount or rear light to the dedicated points on the base. This just makes your bike that much neater.


Width options:132mm, 142mm (142mm tested)
Actual width:138mm