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Mobi V-15


Mobi V-15 Mobile Washer review


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The Mobi V-15 is a portable washer that can help make the job of cleaning your bikes a little less tiresome. Compact and punchy, perfect for the car boot.

Sometimes, the last thing you feel like doing after a long drive from the trails or after a race is the inevitable cleaning of the muddy aftermath. Having something stowed away in the car to get the job done at the scene of the crime makes the job seem a lot less hassle. After all, it’s easier to clean your bike straight after a ride whilst the mud is still wet (or more to the point, whilst you still have the inclination and impetus). The Mobi V-15 is one such device that can help make the job a little less tiresome.

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Mobi V-15

The compact Mobi V-15 is small enough to keep in the car.

Compact and punchy Mobi V-15

The V-15 delivers jet wash-like performance in a package small enough and mobile enough to take with you wherever you go with the bike. Simply plug in to your car or van’s 12V power socket, and the inbuilt 60 watt motor delivers a controlled jet of water pressurised up to 130psi; more than enough to blast off the worst of the muck. A neat touch is the anti-lag system that prevents any delay in water delivery. This also stops the pump from being damaged by minimising any possibility of air being trapped with the mechanism.

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The lumpy blue and grey body houses a fifteen litre water reservoir, accessed by the big screw cap at the top of the unit. This capacity proves easily enough for cleaning two full-sized bikes in minute detail; or three to four if you are less thorough. So there’s no need for carrying extra water containers for your typical day at the trails. The power cable is plenty long enough to be able keep your car outside of the splash zone. If that isn’t sufficient, the Mobi V-15 is also delivered with a full three metres of hose with simple hose-lock style fittings, so you can easily move around the bike without fear of snagging anything.

Mobi V-15

The Mobi comes with a couple of handy accessories: a shower head and long brush.

As long as you want to wash it’ll keep on delivering

Plug it all in, switch it on and as soon as the trigger on the multi-function spray gun is depressed the motor delivers a constant, pressurised stream of water without any lag. The nozzle can be rotated to adjust not only the style of spray but also the pressure of the water; great if you don’t want to jet-wash the dog in inappropriate places. The bonus point of the plug-in power option is the ability to keep on washing until the water supply runs out, rather than the battery. As it is, the fifteen litre reservoir is more than enough for giving two bikes a thorough clean; or double that if you aren’t massively obsessed with a perfect finish.

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One thing to be noted is the pressure, although consistent, does struggle a bit with caked on and dried mud. It’s only really this type of cleaning that makes it struggle when compared to a ‘proper’ jet wash. When the bikes are this dirty, a judicious pre-soak, plenty of bike cleaner and the brush attachment are needed to get the job done.

mobi v-15

The spray head not only controls the rate of water delivery but also the power and style of the jet.

Does it get a clean sweep?

The Mobi V-15 isn’t without it’s faults though, and whilst they might be relatively minor they still stop it from getting the perfect score. Firstly, the power lead is removable. Whilst this might make it a tad more convenient to transport it does mean that it is possible to lose it.

Mobi v-15

The power switch is waterproofed but there is no cap for the power socket.

Also as the socket is low down and next to the hose attachment it is prone to a little water ingress, so you need to be careful when everything is loose. Secondly the spray head and hose attachments feel a tad plasticky and fragile. Ok, so nothing has broken (which is a good thing) but I have had the spray gun detach after dropping it onto concrete. So make sure you treat these parts carefully!