All this and more discussed and dissected on the latest MBR Show.


On the latest episode of the MBR Show, we kick off by discussing McLaren’s surprise entry into the e-bike market with the wild new Extreme 600. With more power and torque than most e-bikes on the market, and a bonkers bar/stem combo with integrated display, it’s a truly unique proposition. But since McLaren is by no means the first car brand to launch a mountain bike, we look back through the archive at some of the weird and wonderful bikes we’ve seen over the years from the likes of Lamborghini, Porsche, Lotus, and Polestar. Including a connection to a cold war missile manufacturer…

New Charger 3.1 dampers focus on a lighter damping tune, allowing you to add or reduce damping from the mid position.

RockShox has completely updated its Charger 3.1 damper found in the Lyrik, Pike, and Zeb forks. We cut through the tech jargon and explain what’s really changed, and why this could be a significant improvement. We also take a look at the changes to RockShox’s shock line-up, including a new air can that does the job of two old designs in one. Finally we touch on the updated Trailhead app, which aims to make it simpler to achieve the perfect set-up.

Geometron G1

Want adjustability? Then the Geometron G1 is probably the bike for you.

Geometron was one of the pioneers of the sizing and geometry revolution, and while many mainstream brands have caught up with the tape measure, Geometron still pushes the boundaries of adjustability. The brand’s new G1 can be configured in a gazillion permutations, with the ability to adjust angles, sizing, travel, and wheel configurations. Find out all the details in our segment on the new Geometron G1.

Fischer/Lidl eMTB on a plain white background

The Fischer/Lidl eMTB costs just €2,600

To end the show, we take a look at Lidl’s latest middle-aisle bargain – a budget electric mountain bike! The discount supermarket is selling Fischer e-bikes with a Brose motor and RockShox/SRAM parts for just over €2,600! Yes, it’s only available online in Germany, but it’s putting the cat among the e-bike pigeons as brands compete for those new e-bike customers.