RockShox rejigs its top-end damper, it's gone ligher but you can wind it back on again: plus there's a ton of updates to the Zeb, Pike and Lyrik forks, and Super Deluxe and Vivid Coil shocks.


RockShox has a new damper for its Pike, Lyrik and Zeb forks: called the Charger 3.1 it promises a more supple and sensitive feel and – if our first ride impressions are anything to go by – represents a massive character shift not seen in a generation, and is aimed at putting RockShox firmly back at the top of our list of best suspension forks.

The latest Charger 3.1 has dramatically less damping in its open setting and throughout the system, RockShox says, but now you can actually add more damping than ever via the compression dials on the fork uppers. Think of it like this: RockShox has moved the window of adjustment, so there’s a better chance you can start with your dials in the middle, and increase or decrease damping to taste, even if you’re a lighter rider.

We’ll go through the details of how this has been achieved first, but click here if you want to skip directly to our riding impressions of the new Charger 3.1 damper.

The compression dials have the same number of clicks of old, but they add more damping than before with each turn

We’re hoping it’ll do away with that overdamped feel we sometimes complain about on bikes, and let the Lyrik rival Fox’s 36 as the best mountain bike fork out there.

The Charger 3.1 isn’t the only thing SRAM has going on for 2025 either, the US suspension brand has completely redesigned the guts of its forks and rear shocks, with a new Internal Floating Piston spring, updates to the SuperDeluxe and Vivid Coil shocks, an updated TrailHead app to figure out your settings, and more.

New Charger 3.1 comes on Pike, Lyrik, and here on the Zeb, while rear shocks get new internals too

RockShox 2025 updates need to know:

  • Pike, Lyrik and Zeb forks to get new Charger 3.1 damper
  • New damper has less damping as standard, and a broader adjustment range of Low Speed Compression (LSC) and High Speed Compression (HSC)
  • Updated SuperDeluxe rear shock with redesigned main piston and reservoirs
  • Vivid Coil rear shock updated with TouchDown technology, and an Adjustable Hyrdaulic Bottom Out
  • TrailHead app updated with new look, to help setup your suspension
RockShox ZEB Ultimate

Zeb Ultimate, now available in Electric Red, but it’s what’s changed inside that really counts

Introducing the new Charger 3 damper…the Charger 3.1

Unlike last year, when SRAM’s forks got a complete chassis overhaul, this year’s fork announcement is strictly to do with the damper technology. And more specifically, an upgrade to the Charger 3 platform, which is all great news because this is the guts of a fork and the most important part.

RockShox has launched the Charger 3.1 damper, which has built upon the Charger 3 system ethos of reducing “harshness that makes it to the rider’s hands, leading to having more control and confidence when riding at higher speeds.” The Charger 3.1 damper is apparently even more capable, with decreased overall damping throughout.

Lyrik gets the Charger 3.1 treatment too, while all three RockShox forks can also get shim kits to internally adjust the damping

There is also a broader adjustment range of both LSC and HSC so riders can find their sweet spot more easily. So what does this mean in practical terms? The LSC has been updated to accept 68% more oil flow, which reduces damping when the LSC is in the open position. There’s an entirely new HSC pyramid, so that when it’s in the closed position you get increased damping. Additionally, there are new shim tune kits – with three rebound and two compression tunes available.

RockShox uses ButterCups, little elastomers in the lowers to help reduce stiction and generate a more supple feel

In terms of back compatibility, the Charger 3.1 damper will be able to fit Pike C1+ from 2023 onwards, ZEB A1+ from 2021 onwards and Lyrik D1 from 2023 onwards. If you want to retro-fit your forks with the new damper, it’ll cost £386.

You’ll also be able to upgrade Charger 3 dampers with the new 3.1 RC2 Piston Kit. These will cost £72. A shim tune kit is also being made available, for £29.

Fork updates for 2025

When it comes to the actual forks, all models of Pike, Lyrik and ZEB will get an all-new bushing package. This is to reduce friction even further for an overall improved system.

RockShox ZEB Ultimate will now be available in Electric Red and utilise the Charger 3.1 damper. This will retail for £1,119. The Charger 3.1 damper will also be found in Pike Ultimate and Select+ forks, as well as Lyrik Ultimate and Select+.

The Pike is a game-changer for RockShox, says our tester Mick Kirkman (very much not pictured here!)

RockShox Charger 3.1 riding impressions

Mick Kirkman’s been testing the new RockShox Pike Ultimate for us, here are his first ride impressions (with a full review to follow, and a back-to-back test against the new Fox Grip X 34)…

While the brand new Pike retains the lightweight but stiffest-in-class chassis, the Charger damper becomes 3.1 and there are more significant changes inside including a tweaked air spring, freer bushings and internal seals that make it way more supple and sensitive.

In fact, new Pike now moves so fast into its travel it can feel downright hyperactive, which takes some getting used to and also some serious suspension know-how to dial in the significantly more damping than you’d expect for a RockShox fork.

The result though can be a fork that traces bumps like a medicine ball rolling down the trails and a ‘plasticine’ feel that’s non-stop glued onto the ground with Öhlins-matching damping, a better touchdown and amazing fluidity. The sweet spot of balancing the air spring and broader range of damping takes way more fiddling than the previous Pike to reach though and many riders could go badly wrong considering this new model can feel really unsettling if you don’t run enough damping. (There is also a new Trailhead App launching with the Pike, which should help with starting point settings). 

There’s more oil flow in the new Super Deluxe shock, and just like the Charger 3.1 damper that means a lighter damping tune

RockShox Super Deluxe rear shock

RockShox’s SuperDeluxe is the next component to see some redesigning for 2025. The main piston and reservoir have been updated to allow for more optimised oil flow. This gives riders less compression or damping, and thus, better traction.

The damping range able to be controlled by the external adjusters has also been updated, to a more “usable range.”

There are five damping adjustments to be had out of the Super Deluxe, the idea being you can build in support or keep it free and supple

A new Super Deluxe Debonair+ Linear XL Air Can has been launched too, with RockShox stating it will bridge “the gap between Super Deluxe and Vivid.” More positive air volume doesn’t mean tuneability is sacrificed, however, and there is room for eight Bottomless Tokens for a fine-tune feel.

You can also upgrade your old reservoir to the RC2T Ultimate reservoir with independent external high and low speed compression adjustments. This will cost £220 and is compatible with uper Deluxe C1+ (2023+), Super Deluxe Coil B1 (2023), Vivid C1 (2024), and Vivid Coil C1 (2025) shocks.

Vivid Coil shock gets TouchDown technology, which removes compression damping at the start of the stroke for a supple feel

Vivid Coil rear shock

Designed primarily for DH riders, the Vivid Coil uses TouchDown technology which is more forgiving at the beginning of travel then composed through the middle and end stroke. It also uses Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out, which can fine-tune compression damping in the last 20% of travel.

Increase the compression damping in the last 20% of travel with Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out – there are five pre-set positions to play with

And for fans of the Electric Red, the Vivid Coil Ultimate delivers for gravity racers and top riders alike. The coil springs are available in all stroke lengths, with weights varying between 350lbs to 900lbs. For the top of the range Vivid Coil Ultimate shock, you’re looking at between £629 and £659. The Vivid Coil Ultimate DH is priced the same, and the remainder of the Vivid Coil range is unavailable as an aftermarket product.

The TrailHead app has seen some upgrades to make it easier to use and more in depth

TrailHead app

Whether you’re new to suspension tuning or just want to see how you can best dial in your bike, the TrailHead app is a must-have companion app for RockShox equipped bikes.

For 2025, it’s been rebuilt with a new look. This also includes an “improved rider journey” which adds the ability to log changes to your suspension along with notes about how they affect performance. So you can experiment with settings safe in the knowledge that you can still go back to a safe base setting. It also has new imagery, video support and “better flow”. Languages including French, German, Italian and Spanish will now also be supported.

The app provides tuning recommendations for RockShox products from MY18 onwards, but all the other features in the app, including servicing info and parts number searches, cover forks and shocks of any vintage – as long as it’s in the RockShox database. Find out more on or on the app.