An unscientific test

Take this light-hearted quiz to determine what type of mountain biker you are.

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Did you know that science has recently confirmed that there are four different types of mountain biker (doing four different types of mountain biking)?

A study from the Univeristy of Portsmouth concludes that the for types of MTBer are “Competitors, Risk Competitors, Recreationalists and Aesthletes”. And the activity of mountain biking itself can be split into four disciplines: FS, XC, TR, and DH.

So there you have it. Int science great?

So what type of mountain biker are you?

If you go to a trail centre on any given Sunday, you’re guaranteed to meet a plethora of different riders from mile munchers to cafe hunters. We think that’s a large part of what makes mountain biking great, after all it would be pretty boring if we all did the same thing.

As far as we’re concerned everyone should just ride what they want and act how they want but there’s no doubt that certain members of the community like to pigeon hole riders into certain niches. Just for fun we’ve put together this little quiz for you to determine which ‘tribe’ you to fall into.

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When you’ve done the quiz make sure you let us know how you did on Facebook and Twitter.

This quiz isn’t about snobbery, finger-pointing or anything that hints at exclusivity – just a light-hearted look at what being a mountain biker means to different people.