Your guide to being the best mountain biker you can be

Live by these rules it won’t be long before you’re a shining light in the mountain biking community and everybody on the trail will want to be your friend.

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Country Life once published the 39 steps to being a modern gentleman. We had a read and to be honest, not many of these applied to mountain bikers. So we thought we’d make our own list of what makes the perfect modern mountain biker.

The modern mountain biker…

  1. Says hello to fellow riders
  2. Takes their rubbish home with them
  3. Stops and offer to help if they see someone who has fallen off
  4. Gives slower riders in front of them sufficient room before they set off
  5. Offers to show people around their local trails
  6. … but not the secret ones
  7. Is capable of justifying spending more on a bike than they would on a car
  8. Lends an inner tube to a rider with a puncture
  9. Isn’t a snob about wheel sizes
  10. Isn’t a snob about what type of pedal someone uses
  11. Isn’t a snob about what type of riding someone does
  12. Has a trail dog
  13. Is happy to ride at night as well as during the day
  14. Never turns up to a ride with a dirty bike
  15. Doesn’t skid on the take off of jumps
  16. Has a legendary collection of elbow scars
  17. Will warn another rider about hard sections of trail
  18. Lets another rider follow their line
  19. Is happy to take it steady as well as go full gas
  20. Doesn’t moan about hike-a-biking
  21. Isn’t obsessed with Strava
  22. Navigates on a group ride
  23. Stays and waits with someone who has a mechanical issue
  24. Will be careful when loading their bike onto/in someone else’s car
  25. Is considerate of horses, walkers and dogs
  26. Won’t mock another rider for walking a section of trail
  27. Would never accept a squeaky chain
  28. Understands that their significant other may not be as excited by mountain bikes as they are
  29. Doesn’t just ride their local loop
  30. Helps out on dig days
  31. Is fully versed in the mountain bike slang dictionary
  32. Will ride man-made and natural trails
  33. Always carries enough kit to be self-sufficient
  34. Knows enough bike maintenance to get themselves home
  35. Doesn’t let the weather stop them riding
  36. Understands that your ability is not dictated by the cost of your gear
  37. Will let a faster rider past
  38. Doesn’t cut the corners
  39. Knows that flapjack is the best trail snack

Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.