MBR staff and contributors choose a few of the things that they would like to find under their Christmas trees come December 25th.

You will notice that beneath some of our wishlist items is a ‘View Deal’ link. If you click on one of these links then mbr may receive a small amount of money from the retailer should you go to purchase the product from them. Don’t worry, this does not affect the amount you pay!

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Danny Milner’s wishlist

Day pass for BikePark Wales

Having barely left the county of Surrey all year, I’m desperate to ride a mountain, rather than a molehill, and I’m craving high speeds and big jumps. BikePark Wales has also had a really tough year, along with many other bike parks and riding venues, so by getting a voucher to use in the coming months, hopefully I’m helping their cashflow as well as getting something to look forward to.

100% Brisker glove

We’ve got off lightly so far this winter, with mild temperatures and barely a single frosty morning. But cold fronts are moving in and frozen fingers are on the horizon. Not that I care though, because with the superb 100% Brisker glove my hands stay warm without feeling like I’m wearing oven gloves. Yes, I’ve already got a pair of Briskers, but i want another pair for Christmas for when one is in the mountainous pile of washing.

sell a bike

DMR Deathgrip

I always find there’s something immensely satisfying about putting a new set of grips on my bike. The rubber feels fresh and tacky, the bike looks cleaner and younger, you can transform the look by matching or clashing the colours and they don’t cost the earth. My personal faves are the DMR Deathgrip, but I also really like the Fabric Funguy. If I find either of those in my stocking and I’ll be happy!

Laura BaileyLaura Bailey’s wishlist

Curd Coaching

A spot on a jumps and drops coaching course with Katy Curd Coaching to help improve my lack of sendiness!

Boost Coffee Co.

I can’t get out the door riding without my morning coffee and Boost coffee is uncomplicated but delicious small batch coffee roasted by mountain bikers.

Patagonia Houdini jacket

The Patagonia Houdini jacket – a 100% recycled featherweight jacket. Small enough to stuff in any pocket and robust enough to get you through any unexpected weather.

Jamie Darlow’s wishlist

e-Passportes du Soleil

There’s now an e-bike version of the Passportes du Soleil ride from Les Gets next summer, complete with charging stations, 60km of trails and 3,000m of descending. Be great to see the Alps without the lift queues.

Tow rope

My kids are growing up and I want to take them out riding for longer, the Shotgun MTB Tow Rope should mean I can save their little legs for the descents.

Sender ramp

Made from light and strong birch ply, you can take the Sender Fly Pro Ramp anywhere, and build it into a multi-adjstable curved jump. I have a hankering to jump my garden hedge.

Oily Sam Hill

The Nukeproof Oil Slick Sam Hill Range of components – all the Christmas decorations I want for my bike, with that jazzy multicolour look. Not just good looks either, their flat pedals are the best in the business.

Sim Mainey’s wishlist

Any e-bike

Taking photos of people on bikes generally involves chasing after fit models with a heavy camera pack on my back. Not being blessed with the physique of fellow MBR snapper and man-mountain Roo Fowler, that can get tiring quickly for my skinny legs. An ebike means I can get ahead, bag more shots and offer a tow to flagging models so they can ‘just do it one more time.’

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My skill level has plateaued. Partly thanks to riding on my own and being extra cautious but also because I don’t know how to progress any further. A voucher for a day’s tuition with someone who can help me improve would make the biggest difference to my riding and give me the mental nudge I need to take things to the next level.

Five Ten Trail Cross Mid Pro

I’ve tried other flat pedal compatible shoes but none seem to work as well as tried,tested and loved Five Tens. After smacking my ankle off a rock recently the idea of a hi-top version with D3O padding holds a lot of appeal. If only they were waterproof too…

Benji Haworth’s wishlist

The perfect mud tyre

All I want, dear reader, is a super sticky mud spike that doesn’t come glued on to a ridiculously heavy and stiff carcass. Is that too much to ask? I mean, I love my Michelin Muds and my Schwalbe Dirty Dans but the good rubber versions seem to only ever be super-draggy, energy-eating, dual-ply carcasses. Sad face.

Giro Tyrant helmet

AKA a warm (but not too warm!) helmet. And it has to be from Giro because my skull is very much Giro-shaped. It may not be the most stylish looking helmet in the world – none of the modern ‘pizza delivery moped’ helmets are – but who cares about that when you’re out on your bike covered in mud and spray and NOT dying of chilly ear-ed death, right?

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Fox Attack Fire Softshell Pants

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I already own Decathlon’s er, tribute (ahem) to these kecks (Rockrider ST500 Winter MTB trousers) so I’d like to give the originals a try. Sure, they cost more than three times the amount but seeing as it’s Christmas… and someone else is paying.

Good riding trousers are one of the best inventions to come along in the history of MTBing.