The World Cup champion charts his progress to the top

It’s no secret that Aaron Gwin is quick. Last year alone he dominated the World Cup circuit by winning four World Cups including one without a chain!

But how did he get so fast? Well this video hopes to explain it as it follows Gwin to his childhood BMX track where he first started racing bikes and later to the motocross circuit where he chased his dream.

Unfortunately Gwin was a nearly-man of motocross but fell back into downhill where he truly found his niche. He picked up a sponsorship deal with Yeti and the rest is history.

He says: “I think it was the perfect combination because I started really young but I didn’t start racing downhill until I was twenty years old. It was super fresh and I wasn’t burned out.”

For us though, the best bit of this video is from four minutes onwards where we get our first proper look at Gwin aboard his new YT Tues downhill bike. It’s always difficult to draw conclusions from video edits but there’s no doubt Gwin looks as fast as ever on the cherry red rocket.

With the World Cups only just over a week away we’re starting to get very excited to see some full-blooded gravity racing and Gwin will be right at the top of our list of favourites to take the win in Lourdes.