Last week we heard some of the biggest news yet about the upcoming Enduro World Series season; that Jared Graves was to join Specialised after over 10 years with Yeti.

With Graves gone, Yeti had big boots to fill and have since announced that Cody Kelly will be riding for them next season in partnership with last season’s over all winner Richie Rude.

The two seem to be getting along just fine, scorching their way down this fast paced trail with some big rocks and couple of big booters and some free ride action.

Taking Kelly on board must make Yeti one of the youngest teams competing on the Enduro World Series circuit, with both Kelly and Rude being in their early 20s. However, despite being young, both having demonstrated a taste for winning and have the skills to back it up.

Racing teams tend to try and have one experienced member to one more junior member so it remains to be seen whether the team will miss the knowledge and tutorage of Graves; a man whose awards list is as long as his cycling career.

That’s not to say that Rude is inexperienced; having been racing with Yeti for five years now and in that time becoming junior downhill world champion and EWS champion.

The EWS starts anew at the end of March when the riders will head down south for a weekend of racing at the high altitude of the Andes in Chile.