Get ready to clench! Here are eleven white-knuckle rides through the city streets and back alleys

Mind boggling helmetcam vids. There cult of Urban DH racing is growing stronger every year with new events popping up in every corner of the world.

Pedro Ferreira winning 2018 Taxco

The Taxco is one of the classic Urban Downhill events and the 2018 race delivered in spades with a fast and gnarly track. Check Pedro Perreira’s winning run above. Boggling.

Where’s the wince? Where ISN’T it?!

Marcelo Gutierrez and the Valparaiso

The undisputed King of stupid Urban DH racing, Marcelo Gutierez, sends us hurling (in every sense) down the back streets of Chile.

Where’s the wince? It’s all crazy but how about THAT gap jump out of nowhere at 1m 30s?

The Mayor of Lisbon has a go (painful to watch)

Lisbon has had a popular Urban DH event for a good while now. Join us as we take a trip back down memory lane to when the brave/stupid Mayor of Lisbon had a go at riding down the course.

Where’s the wince? It’s more cringe-inducing than wince-inducing. The highlight/lowlight being the Mayor’s proper endo at 1m 15s. More than bruised ego there.

Chase and Granieri in Nuremberg

Not your classic narrow Urban DH alley way nausea but worth including in this round up nonetheless. Big. No, not big. HUGE.

Where’s the wince? The very first step down where a rather too laid back Granieri looks like he’s still hungover from the night before.

Marcelo and Manizales

Marcelo Gutierrez again. South American madness again. The drawn out delay at the start gate gets the nerves going on its own! The course if full of harsh bike-breaking flat landings. But notice how Gutierrez just doesn’t stop pedalling – even in mid air.

Where’s the wince? The rickety-looking slatted wall rides near the start. DIY-tastic.

Taxco with Kelly McGarry

A fitting tribute to one of the nice guys of slopestyle who left us far too early but did leave us with loads of riding inspiration. Just listen to how hard McGarry is working for the whole length of this course.

Where’s the wince? It all looks quite pleasant and fun for a while but then the back alley madness begins at 1m 50s.

Ouchy crash during Nepalese urban DH

No blood but plenty of tweaking. Ouch. He gets up and walks away. Note how the competitor behind him opts to walk down that bit.

Where’s the wince? You have to ask?! Perhaps the music choice is worse actually…

Semi-rual DH in New Zealand

Lyttelton Urban Downhill down in Kiwi world. on board with Nick Jordan Go Pro Black

Where’s the wince? Either the off-line step down miscalculation early on or the super speedy narrowness at 2m 20s where it sounds like his bike is falling to bits.

Faceplanting in Falmouth

The UK has its own modest Urban DH race scene. Here’s a short but wince-filled vid of an unfortunate rider’s mishap, arguably caused by a stray spectator.

Where’s the wince? Immediately. And repeated throughout the multi-angled, slomo-fest vid.

Indonesian nighttime Urban DH

Yeah, let’s do the whole thing at night! Great idea. From the look of this video the main danger appears to be just working out where you’re meant to go. Funny how spectators start to look like scary lurkers when it gets dark.

Where’s the wince? The drop-offs into inky blackness. And the scary advert interruption at 1m 36s (you can stop watching then as nothing else of interest happens after)

Remy Metailler rules the Grasse Urban DH

Arguably the most naturally rapid and fearless DH rider out there at the mo, Metailler shows he’s just at home razzing through townscapes as he is ragging down mountain sides.

Where’s the wince? That curvy staircase at the start. That handrail at 32secs. Nearly clipping the marshall at 1m 10s. The leap of faith into pitch black tuneel at 1m 28s. Sheer speed at 1m 45s. Pretty much all of it is wince.