Remy Metailler is known for his mountain biking whips, but maybe he could have used a whip of a different kind to herd these cows off a downhill trail in Argentina.

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In this head cam video you can see Metailler follow a cow and its calf for 12 seconds down a trail in Argentina. We’re not used to seeing cows running but it seems that they can get a moove on when they want to – they even lean in to the berms!

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The chase ends after the cow decides that it might be more sensible to head into the trees and not carry on running straight down the trail, although it does leave its calf for dead. It’s a good job Metailler approached them from behind though as the cow is also sporting some nasty looking horns!

Even after the cows have gone the whole video is pretty awesome. Argentina looks like it has heaps of mountain biking potential as we’ll no doubt see when the Enduro World Series rolls into Bariloche in Patagonia at the start of April.

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We’re not sure what Metailler’s beef was with the cattle but we think he probably should have pulled over so the animals wouldn’t be too spooked, instead of milking it for the sake of his GoPro edit.