Nice looking graphics

It’s a big year for YT Industries at this year’s Red Bull Rampage. Not only are they one of the main sponsors, but they’re also sending five riders to the world’s premier freeride competition.

They’ve sent four of these riders off with custom frames, check them out here:

Andreu Lacondeguy

Lacondeguy frame profile rampage 2015

Last year’s Rampage champion will be slithering down the mountain on a snake themed frame. The red scales constrict the frame and the twin snakes writhe towards the the head tube. He also has the YT logo being held by the Fest Series hands.

Rampage frames Lacondeguy

Cam Zink

Zink rampage frame profile

Zink will be showing his patriotic vigour with a Stars and Stripes custom painted frame. Hopefully the design will suit him better than Aaron Gwin who crashed out of the downhill World Championships on a similar design.

Rampage frames zionk

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Yannick Granieri

Yannick Granieri frame profile rampage 2015

Why are Yannick’s graphics so cool? Because they “Arrrrrr”. The Frenchamn will be running a pirate themed design complete with Kraken tentacles on the underside of the frame. We love the skull on the headtube.

Rampage frames granieri

Kelly McGarry

McGarry rampage frame 2015 profile

McGarry has gone for a tornado design complete with an upturned cow. We’re not sure what the significance is but hopefully it won’t be an ill wind for the lanky Kiwi.

Rampage frames McGarry


Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.