All the best of the past seven days on social media

Crankworx Rotorua has kicked off the race season and the mountain bike roadshow is here once again. That means riders’ social media feeds are as active as ever and there’s loads of great content kicking around. Here’s our pick:

1. Some unfortunate news from the MTB Ranger a.k.a Andy Braund of Coed Y Brenin, who spotted this vandalism of a new section. Please wait until new trails are open until you ride them, you’re only hurting youself!

This is really not cool! The trail builders have been working hard in tough conditions to sculpt a fine piece of trail. Then someone goes and carves some deep ruts through the soft surface! This thoughtless act has several consequences. The trail builders have to repair the damage. That costs them time and money. It literally affects their livelihood. Do you want to deny them earning an honest buck? #supportyourtrailbuilders Secondly it delays the opening of the trail. It's really soft in places, meaning that it needs time. Time to settle, dry out and harden up. The trail surface is compacted with a whacker plate to not only tightly pack the material but to give a smooth sealed surface. This allows rain and surface water to run off rather than soak in. Which hopefully gives it half a chance to drain, dry out & harden into a durable surface. If you carve some big ruts into this surface you open up a wound to allow that rain and surface water to soak in. It'll never dry out and we won't be able to open it as it would get trashed. If you want new trail and who doesn't? Then help us to deliver it for you. Educate all the riders you know to be patient and stay off. I can't wait to ride this, but its still not finished and like baking a good cake needs time to rest before it's ready to taste! I'll post up when it's finally open & ready to ride.

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2. Rob Warner about to undertake some fitness tests, has he ever looked so scared?

3. Steve Peat had his first race of the year on the hunt for World Cup qualification. He finished one place off the points in Portugal so will have to race again if he wants to make it to Lourdes.

4. Gee Atherton’s spent some more time in the rally car and managed to bag himself a class win at the British Rally Championships, amazing!

5. Here’s a sneak peek at the trails at the Fly Up 417 bike park, we’d love a go on these motocross-style whoops.

6. The first round of the Mini Enduro calendar took place at Bike Park Wales last weekend, here’s our favourite action shot

7. On the same week as International Women’s Day, Crankworx held the first ever women’s speed and style event, you can watch the final here.

8. More great PR for those wonderful trails in ‘Swindon’ from Brendan Fairclough