As the old joke goes: “I heard they dropped an atomic bomb on Swindon… did about £15 worth of damage.”(thanks to David Brent for that one).

Yes, Swindon may not be the most glamorous of places in Britain but in this video you can definitely see that it has plenty of mountain biking potential.

The S4P crew, that includes Brendan FaircloughOlly Wilkins and Sam Reynolds, built this trail on a small but steep hill just outside Swindon. It may only provide 20-30 second long runs but really mountain biking in Britain has always been about making the most of what you have, not trying to compete with the mountain ranges you might find abroad.

We love how simplistic this edit is and you feel like the filmers are having just as good a time as the riders. The trail was built in a matter of hours and there seems to be loads of potential for different, fun lines.

The filmers are hoping that this will encourage others to get out and build their own trails, but just make sure you get permission from the landowners first! There is also the promise of a sequel to this video coming out soon, we can’t wait!