Video killed the mountain bike star

We love Rob Warner and some of the runs he’s commentated on have gone down in mountain bike history – after all, where would we be without lines such as: “look at the time”, “how does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?” and “look at the whip”?

But the road to media stardom hasn’t always been smooth for the 1996 Kaprun World Cup winner and thanks to the internet those moments have been preserved forever. Here are some of the TV moments he’d probably want to forget:

Facing down Anne Robinson on the Weakest Link

In her prime Anne Robinson was one of the most intimidating quiz show hosts on television but Rob Warner showed no fear in facing her down, even telling her she’d look good in lycra.

Thankfully the ultimate shame of being the first to be voted off was given to John who managed to answer the question: “Are two people who disagree with each other are said to be at odds or evens?” with “Loggerheads”.

Rob went on to the final five but Robinson got the final dig as he was voted off saying “on yer bike Rob”.

Racing against a rally car on You Bet!

Daniel Day, Jet from Gladiators, Kriss Akabusi, spandex and Carol Smillie, here’s the video that reads like a recipe for the perfect 90s gameshow.

In episode four of the ninth season of You Bet! Rob was challenged to take on professional rally driver Malcolm Wilson. In the end Rob finishes second but it’s still an impressive effort given his famed aversion to pedalling and that the course was mainly fireroad.

Rolling down a motocross ramp

Before he took to the Red Bull commentary booth at the mountain bike World Cups, Rob Warner worked for Dave on its motocross X-Fighters show. As part of the show he had to take part in a series of challenges with co-presenter Ed Leigh.

In this episode they had to recreate some of the biggest crashes from motocross. The first challenge, rolling down a ramp, they both complete without any issues, however, the second one sees them falling 40 foot into an airbag and Rob seems genuinely terrified.

Thankfully he is able to overcome his fear and takes the plunge, it seems to have put him off freestyle motocross for life though.

Playing darts in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Vintage era Warner again here and this time he’s sporting a ponytail that makes him look suspiciously like Dave Grohl from his Nirvana days.

We’re not sure what show this came from but in it Rob has to beat a score of 104 using nine darts. Easy right? Well not if he has to do it while trackstanding.

Rob does actually beat the score by nailing a triple 17 with his last dart and in doing so won £200 for the Blackpool Children’s Leukaemia Society. Nice work!

Being interviewed by Davina McCall

Davina McCall may be more at home on the Big Brother catwalk than in a mountain bike pits but she gave it her best shot with this interview for MTV, which we think this comes from the 1995 Malverns’ Classic dual slalom race.

The interview takes an awkward turn towards the end with the pair talking about the size of Davina’s breats, Rob’s private parts and colonic irrigation – a world away from her current career on Million Pound Drop and fitness DVDs.

Previewing the 1996 Kaprun World Cup

MTV lucked out here as they picked the race that Rob actually won! The commentary is just as ‘zany’ as the McCall interview as the presenter aims to express the “total insaneness” (we’re sure that should be insanity) of a mountain bike race.

In Rob’s preview he talks about how he sees proper dieting and nutrition as a waste of time – he may have been onto something because the rest, as they say, is history.