Light bikes, killer endos and divorce

It’s very nearly 2019 so now is a good time to trawl through the stats to see what were the most popular mbr news stories of 2018.

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1. 10 mountain bike products that refuse to die

Which of the following things should be killed off? Which should be given a stay of execution? Here’s our rundown of ten controversial components.

2. Why mountain bikes cost as much as motorbikes

It’s a popular comment under many a new mountain bike story: “you could buy a motorbike for that!” But is this true? If so, why are they so costly?

3. This is the wildest over-the-bars crash you will see this year

Over-the-bars doesn’t really this crash justice really. It’s more like a supersonic superman. Impressive stacking from Scandinavia.

4. Are these the two lightest 29er mountain bikes in the world?

Bikes of such minimal weight that the only way to create them is by spending endless hours sanding, polishing and paring away the excess grams.

5. Unsure what bar width to run? Here’s what we run and why

What bar width is best for you? Short answer: get some 780mm bars and experiment with grips. Read on for more advice about width selection.

6. Ever wondered why your bike’s back brake is on the left and front one on the right?

Why do us Brits use the left hand for the back brake and almost everyone else the right? Well they’ve got it wrong, obviously.

7. Actually, THIS is the lightest mountain bike in the world

It looks like the honours for lightest mountain bike in the world might actually lie at the door of one Seb K. How does 4.5kg for a complete bike sound?

8. 10 secrets to going fast on a mountain bike

We all want to go faster, but how do some riders make it look so easy? How can we stay calm and fluid when everything around us is becoming more stressful?

9. It’s time to talk about mountain biking and mental health

For some folk, getting out on their mountain bike can be a lifeline. It’s the thing that preserves positivity and staves off depression and bad thoughts.

10. Woman files for divorce due to husband’s bike obsession

“He is literally in love with his bike”

A Turkish couple are set to be divorced due to the husband’s fondness for all things bicycle which the wife claims to have ruined her life.