"He is literally in love with his bike"

A Turkish couple are set to be divorced due to the husband’s fondness for all things bicycle which the wife claims to have ruined her life.

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The married couple are only referred to as Yagmur Z (wife) and Burak Z (husband) in a report from the Daily Sabah in Istanbul. Yagmur Z is filing divorce and requesting 4000,000 Turkish lira (approx £75,000) as she claims that her mental health has been badly affected by bikey Burak.

Yagmur is quoted as saying: “My husband always spends time with his bicycle. He has a different kind of a bond with it”. In further explanation, Burak is also alleged to regularly use the family living room for cleaning and repairing his bicycles.

There are no quotes from Burak about his side of the story.

According to the Daily Sabah, Burak and Yagmur’s divorce is likely to go down the contested route if they follow Turkey’s statistics where more than half of divorces in the country are not amicably settled.

Here’s hoping the couple can find a way through their current troubles. Maybe Burak can start putting some old sheets down in the living room before doing his bike maintenance. And maybe Yugmar should get a bike of her own and see what all the fuss it about.

Fingers crossed.