Time to go tubeless with Stan’s No Tubes

Time to go tubeless with Stan’s No Tubes.

What you need

  • Tubeless tyres
  • Set of tubeless wheels (if you don’t already, try Stan’s wheels – it’s even easier!)
  • Stan’s No Tubes Tubeless Rim Tape (go to our site to get the correct width)
  • Stan’s No Tube Tubeless Valves
  • Stan’s No Tubes Tyre Sealant (Try Stan’s Race sealant for race days)
  • Stan’s No Tubes Valve Core Remover
  • Stan’s No Tubes Injector
  • A pump

The good stuff

Step 1

Clean the inside of the rim to ensure the Tubeless Rim Tape will adhere to the rim and then carefully run the tape centrally around the rim ensuring all spoke holes and valve hole are covered. Starting opposite the valve hole and work your way around. We would recommend using two layers on road or gravel bikes and one layer on mountain bikes.

Step 2

Pierce a small hole with a thin sharp instrument in the centre of the valve hole. Use a pick or something sharp. Try and avoid using a blade as you may create a slit rather than a hole. Push the Tubeless Valve through the hole (this should be a tight fit), then tighten with the securing fastener.

Step 3

Once you are happy the rim is airtight and the valve is installed correctly with minimal chance of an air leak it’s time to fit the tyre. Make sure you check to rotation of the tyre before you install it as you don’t want to have to take it off again!

Now… If using Race sealant you cannot put this through the valve so make sure before you fully install the tyre you the put your sealant in the gap between the tyre and rim and then finish installing the tyre. We often do this with Stan’s standard sealant if we’re confident the tyre will seat.

When using Stan’s standard sealant you can then remove the valve core and inject sealant in using the Stan No Tube Injector.

Step 4

Get pumping!

If you are using Stan’s rims, with their patented BST, you will find that you will only need to used a track pump at this point. Otherwise you can use a compressor or even an tubeless inflator. If you use a CO2 cannister, make sure once the tyre is seated you release all the air and pump back up with a hand pump or track pump (the CO2 will affect the sealant).

Once your tyre is on and there is no air leaking. Give your wheel a spin and drop the tyre pressure to your desired pressure.

And enjoy!

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