Pretty much any video with Nico Vink in it is worth some eyeball time. And any riding video of his with the suffix “fest” just makes it doubly worth watching.

Loosefest actually marks something of a departure form the usual jumps-bigger-than-your-house vibe and bonkers wooden constructions. Instead it sees the riders returning back into the woods for some good old fashioned trial ripping.

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Okay, so there’s still more than a few jumps involved here but it’s nice to be able to relate to the riding on show. Most of the stuff looks like you could ride it – which makes a change!

What’s the best bit? It’s pretty hard to top the moment 15 seconds in where the lead rider just seems to hang in the air for… like, ever man. None of the following riders reach anywhere near his touchdown spot!

The soundtrack is er, very metal so you may wish to turn your volume down before pressing play.

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The FEST Series: “As Loosefest is coming closer and riders are arriving, Nico Vink took Jasper Flashman, Thomas Genon, Kristof Lenssens and Joel Anderson for a ride in the nearby Hurtgenwald Bikepark for a couple of laps to warm up for the big stuff at Ferme Libert Bikpark.”