No berm bonking

If you’re only heading out for an hour’s spin then you don’t need to refuel — you should have enough stored energy to comfortably last your ride. Anything longer than this and you’re going to want to take some extra energy with you.

Energy bars are great for mid-ride guzzling — but which is the best?

Honey Stinger Bar £27.75 for 15

Honey Stinger Bar

Honey Stinger probably isn’t a name you’re too familiar with, but once you’ve tried these bars you won’t forget them. Each 50g bar contains 26g of carbohydrates and 5g of protein as well as vitamins, minerals and calcium. A massive 30 per cent of each bar is pure honey too, which tastes great and also helps provide a slow release of energy to the muscles.

With its chocolate-coated bottom the Honey Stinger could almost pass as a chocolate biscuit. It’s not too sickly, and gives your body a real boost.

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Powerbar  Energize wafer £17.88 for 12

Wiggle Energy Bar

This wafer bar wouldn’t feel out of place perched next to your cappuccino. But there’s more to it than its agreeable appearance.

It features a special muscle-fuelling formula known as ‘C2 Max’, which consists of a dual-source energy blend featuring a 2:1 mix of glucose and fructose. PowerBar says this special formula provides more energy to the muscles than standard energy bars. This wafer ticks all the right boxes — taste, texture and looks.

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Wiggle Energy Bar £17.99 for 20

Wiggle Energy Bar

It may look like a small energy bar, but don’t be fooled. It’s extremely thick — a bit like a KitKat Chunky — which is a little off-putting and makes it hard to consume. Fortunately, it tastes good, not too dissimilar to a fruity cereal bar.

It also contains a hefty 44g of carbohydrates so it will certainly help refuel the body, and with real fruit pieces and rolled oats, it’s low in both fat and salts. The Wiggle bar might not take gold, but it’s the best value consumable here.

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