Schralp! Splat! Splosh!

All the elements of a classic British mountain bike flick served with plenty of Caldwell grit and an extra helping of banter.

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If you need something else to watch during bouts of self-isolation then check out this new view from the creators of Hurly Burly and The World Stage yearbooks, and filmmaker Tommy C, bring you Tea & Biscuits, a very British mountain bike film.

WTF? (Why a Tea Film?)

“Because that’s how we Brits roll. There is nothing quite like a good cup of tea and a top-notch biscuit — brewed properly and served deliciously. Before piling into a rutty, muddy, chaotic mountain bike track.

“But don’t be fooled, this is a film that lets the riding take centre stage. Expect wild, raw action filmed in a classic British handheld, gritty manner. Some of mountain biking’s biggest names and most underrated shredders tear corners to pieces, boost jumps, slash through muck and mud and let it all out for the camera.

“The film builds on the enormous success of Tommy’s Slice of British Pie series, taking its format back to the baking tray to create a new, reshaped, refined and progressive style that remains grungy while upping the ante.”