Congrats Matt!

Matt Jones captures the title of Swatch Rocket Air 3000 champion. Put aside those spreadsheets and watch this brief highlight reel.

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Swatch Rocket Air results 2018

  1. Matt Jones
  2. Alex Alenko
  3. Sam Pilgrim
  4. Tomas Genon
  5. David Godziek
  6. Nichols Rogatkin
  7. Jakob Vencl
  8. Lucas Huppert
  9. Torquato Testa
  10. Simon Pages

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The full 2hr 50m replay if you really don’t want to do any work today

Video description

Flying Metal Crew: “The Flying Metal Crew closes the curtains on yet another world-class Swatch Rocket Air and looks forward to the 10th annual event on May 3 and 4, 2019.

“Never before was the battle for victory at the Swatch Rocket Air as dramatic as in the year 3000. After easing into his first run, Englishman Matt Jones put down the hammer on his second run bumping Sam Pilgrim from the top spot. Neither Sam Pilgrim (GB), Thomas Genon (BEL) or Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) could manage a flawless run to capture themselves a third title at Swatch Rocket Air.

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“Matt Jones is only the fifth title holder after Rogatkin, Genon, Pilgrim and Martin Söderströmm (SWE) at the 9th annual Swatch Rocket Air. Alex Alenko (SWE) and Sam Pilgrim took home 2nd and 3rd place.”