Well done Stu from Cut Media too

Gosh darn if this isn’t one of those most satisfying to watch mountain bike edits of the year. Such a great concept, immaculately executed.

Matt Jones is already a legend in our books after his Satisfyingly stupid video of mountain biker wearing an oversize dinosaur costume from earlier this year.

This new video is completely different. But similarly fantastic to watch.

We’ve all heard about visualising a manoeuvre before you do it. Imagining your line down a trail before you turn the cranks. The power of positive thinking and all that.

But no one has really been able to get it across in pictures before. Until now.

The concept is simple, sort of. The video shows ‘ghost’ still images of Matt in the middle/crux position of a trick and then we watch his ride up to – and through – the trick, snapping-in via the aforementioned ‘ghost’ image and out the other side.

It’s very much about hitting your mark and expresses extremely efficiently how any trick contain a before, a during and an after. And you can’t miss any part of the process out or prioritise it over another part.

Anyway, just watch the video. It’s certainly one of the best vids of 2017 and looks likely to put Matt Jones up a rung or two on the MTB fame chart.

The video was produced and directed by Stu Thompson of Cut Media, the man behind pretty much all of Danny MacAskill‘s most famous films.

matt jones frames of mind

Video description

Red Bull: “The film uses gripping rotoscoping techniques to show how Jones visualises tricks and pushes MTB freestyle skills to the very limit, providing a fresh view into how elite athletes use sports psychology to compete at the highest level. It also includes five epic world firsts; Bum Slide, 270 Rim Bonk, Hitching Post Flip to Feet, Decade Tsunami, Backflip Superman to tuc no hander.”