Don't get your clickers in a twist

The factory recommended settings will only ever be an average. A good starting point for sure but you need to know how to set up your suspension for you.

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Our Jamie has gone over to South Wales to suspension experts Mojo to speak to Chris Porter and get some help setting up his Fox Float X2.

Chris Porter from South Wales suspension tweakers Mojo goes about our Jamie’s rear shock and suspension fork with a view to setting it up in an appropriate way for Jamie and his riding style and terrain.

The suspension units here are from Fox but the principals and tweaks are applicable to any modern suspension forks and rear shocks.

In this video you’ll learn quite a lot. You’ll learn about the important balancing your positive and negative chambers during sag setting. You’ll learn about how best to set your rebound damping. Why volume spacers are not just for pros or perfectionists.

You’ll hear about how compression damping is only “the icing on the cake”. Air pressure and volume spacers are the key things to get right first. With those correct you may not ever need to touch your compression clickers.

The key thing with the Mojo mantra is that the bike needs to match its rider. The bike (via it suspension setup) adapts to you, not vice versa. Setting up and adjusting your suspension is about getting the bike to suit you.