Everyone loves a good bit of gossip

Mojo and Fox have departed ways. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Mojo become a suspension distributor again soon. But who do you think they’ll partner with next?

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Let’s get the rumour mill fired up on all cylinders and get gossiping.

We can’t quite believe that suspension-meisters Mojo will be out of the distribution game forever. We wouldn’t be overly surprised if they announced a return to distribution before the end of the year in fact. We shall see.

Mojo already have their Geometron bike brand ticking along very nicely and while you may not see that many of them doing the round at your local trial centre, turn up to any enduro race and you’ll notice them all over the place. They are very much a bike of choice for the enduro cognescenti.

Anyway, back to the distribution gossip. Click on one of the answers below with what you think might happen next at Mojo.

With Öhlin, MRP, Cane Creek and Formula we have four bicycle suspension brands who are on the small side at the mo (compared to the big two of RockShox and Fox) but who all appear to be wanting to up their presence and prestige in the bike world.

We’ve thrown Marzocchi in the mix as a wildcard. Marzocchi are now actually owned by Fox so it’s something of a longshot. But this is the bike industry we’re dealing with here. Stranger things have happened!

And don’t forget the all important ‘None of the above’ option. Is there some other big/small brand we’ve not covered? Let us know in the comments below or on social media what you think.