Anyone got any 10p's?

Take some* time out of your work day to play this most excellent retro mountain biking video game from Specialized. (*some = several hours)

>>>Bike Unchained 2 smartphone game available for free download now


Play with a proper PC keyboard for the best experience (it will work on a phone too but it’s not quite the same).

Choose a player.

Change lanes with up and down arrow keys.

Avoid colliding with other riders (it slows you back down to a crawl).

Collect coins to go faster.

Avoid stumps.

Hit left or right arrow keys whilst in mid air to do rad tricks.

Win win win!

Click here to play the game!

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Someone at Specialized’s marketing department is clearly on the ball this year it seems. This most excellent time-wasting job-losing video game comes after a series of amusing, high-concept promo videos for recent Specialized bike model launches.

Watch: ebike hillclimb challenge

And for those of us of a certain age, this game will simultaneously bring back fond memories of days spent/wasted in video arcades. Only this time, we don’t have to keep badgering our parents for another bunch of ten pence pieces to stick in the slot.

A mountain bike video arcade… that’s free! What a time to be alive!