Trail and enduro riders are going to be a lot comfier on the hike-a-bike, with these 2FO Roost flat and clipless shoes, thanks to a rubber upgrade.

Specialized has released its introduced 2FO Roost shoe range, with both clipless and flat options.

The design objective with these new Specialized shoes, was to create something that functioned with ergonomic comfort both on and off the bike, whilst delivering a casual appearance.

Both the new 2FO Roost clipless and flats have reduced their conventional padding structure, saving weight without ruining comfort.

Specialized has added an XPEL hydrophobic lining, delivering comfort without unnecessary moisture retention. The new 2FO Roost also has a micro-perforated synthetic upper structure to facilitate swifter drying.

Beyond the changes to its 2FO Roost padding and upper structure, Specialized’s industrial designers have also updated the traction and pedal interface of both options.

It should look newer – for longer

On the flat pedal shoe, Specialized has applied its third-generation SlipNot rubber compound to the sole. Using a more stable rubber compound, Specialized promises predictable traction in all conditions, regales of temperature, with these new 2FO Roost flats.

The sole’s lugged tread pattern has also been shaped and textured to facilitate the best possible interface with flat pedal traction pins.

Recognizing that flat pedal shoes are often more exposed to terrain scuff, Specialized has placed suede and those areas more likely to suffer abrasion.

The 2FO Roost clipless shoe is broadly similar in design, but does without the suede bits. It also features a nylon shank, embedded into the sole structure, delivering a good compromise between pedalling stiffness and comfortable hike-a-bike walking over terrain.

Whereas the flat pedal 2FO Roost benefits from Specialized’s latest rubber sole technology, the clipless version has a generously sized cleat pocket. This allows for greater fore-and-aft cleat adjustability, depending on your requirements and knee health, whilst also facilitating more intuitive cleat location if you happen to unclip over some technical terrain.

Both shoes are available in sizes from 38- to 48, whilst the colourway allocation is black, with an option for taupe on the 2FO clipless and oak as the second colour on flat shoe.

Weight ratings are 360g for the flat pedal 2FO Roost and 367g for a clipless version, with pricing set at £110 for both.