Good enough for the Athertons


More Black Friday bargain bashing and this time it’s a stonking deals on some flat pedals. A set of iconic Shimano MX80 flat pedals to be exact.

The new school of oversized and wafer thin pedals are all well and good but for a lot of riders they often just mean suffering more pedal strikes due to the OTT platform and the lack of decent proper bearings means they often go baggy after a few rides and you have to splash out on a replacement set of bushings.

There’s also a distinct lack of toughness on some flat pedals. We’re seeing an awful lot more bent pins and crushed pedal cages on the trails.

There’s none of that malarky with a classic set of Saint flatties. Proper bearings. Tough bodies. Tougher axles. A that subtle concave ‘DX’ shape has a lot of fans out there.

Normally a pair of Shimano MX80 Saint pedals retails at £70.00. Which is actually a pretty good value price anyway when compared to the lofty price tag of some new Johnny-come-lately pedals out there. Tweeks are currently offering these at a 39% discount during this Black Friday week.

Before you head off and click ‘Buy’, here’s a little tip: try removing the small washers under the heads of the removable screw-in pins to make the pins a bit longer for increased traction and grip to your sole. Okay, you can go now.