One big happy Swiss family of super tech mountain bikes

Scott Bikes is now the majority shareholder in the hidden-shock bike brand Bold Cycles. Which begs the question, why?

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Apparently the move isn’t to adopt the hidden-shock concept into new Scott branded bikes. Bold Cycles will remain as a bike brand in its own right.

One thing we can say is that the move, although surprising, does feel like a meeting of minds. Both Scott and Bold Cycles like pushing the technological boundaries of bikes and aren’t afraid of doing their own thing.

The only glimmer of a clue is in a statement from Scott (see full statement below): “great potential with Bold Cycles to serve a customer segment that wants to tailor their bike to their individual needs”.


Will we see Bold Cycles bikes being sold as bespoke, specced-to-order, custom paintjobbed, boutique bikes enabled and powered by Scott?

Who knows? We certainly don’t. This is pure speculation at the moment. Who can resist a good gossip eh?

Press Release

Bold Cycles joins Forces with SCOTT Sports

Multisport brand SCOTT Sports, established in 1958, today announces a strategic collaboration with Bold Cycles. The Swiss based company was founded in 2015 by Vincenz Droux in Biel, close to SCOTT’s global headquarters. Bold Cycles has earned a reputation as a radical innovator in the bike industry. Thanks to highly sophisticated technological frame solutions and, as a result, winning several awards such as the Eurobike Award 2015 and the Design&Innovation Award 2016/2019, Bold Cycles has come a long way in a short time.

Beat Zaugg, CEO SCOTT Sports: “Bold is a very promising start up company with highly passionate employees and a great vision. Their values and their innovation spirit fit very well to the culture of SCOTT. We furthermore see a great potential with Bold Cycles to serve a customer segment that wants to tailor their bike to their individual needs.”

Vincenz Droux, a passionate MTB enthusiast and multi-award-winning professional designer, will continue to lead Bold Cycles as the R&D mastermind. The company will be further operated by him with the help of his five employees as an independent brand but will be strategically supported by SCOTT with regards to sourcing, logistics, global distribution and marketing.

Vincenz Droux CEO Bold Cycles Ldt: “From an idea, a technology has grown, and based on our passion a brand was born. With SCOTT, a partnership has now been developed with which we are prepared for the future in an exciting market environment. With Bold, we want to remain at the forefront of innovation and surprise the bike world with new products. Within the SCOTT Sports Group we find the best conditions for this objective and we will be able to concentrate even more on product development. It remains our concern to maintain our independence and to stand up for it. With SCOTT, we are pleased to have a strong partner on our side who will continue and expand the path we have taken.”

About Bold Cycles:

In 2015 Vincenz Droux turned his vision into reality and presented the “Linkin Trail”, a bike with an internal suspension system. Bold Cycles was born. Vincenz Droux and his design agency “Flow” previously designed and developed products and corporate designs for several international brands. Bold Cycles is in Biel, Switzerland.

About SCOTT Sports:

SCOTT is an international sports brand with a global approach, developing and distributing Bike, Winter, Running and Motosport products. R&D, Sales and Marketing are managed from the SCOTT headquarters in Givisiez, Switzerland. SCOTT employs more than 1000 people worldwide and sells products in more than 100 countries. “Innovation – Technology – Design” is the mission statement, expressing exactly what SCOTT Sports‘ products stand for.